How to find range of a function without graphing

The following notation shows that the domain of the function is restricted to the interval (-1, 1). f ( x ) = x 2 , -1 x 1. The graph of this function is as follows

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2.9 Finding the Domain and Range of Functions

The range of a function can be found by graphing the function and identifying all the values of y that are possible with the domain of the function.
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How to Find the Domain and Range of a Function

Some square root functions will start above or below the x-axis. - The easiest way to graph a function is to use a graphing program or

How to Calculate the RANGE or RANGE of a Function

In these cases, you must graph the function to check where it is defined. You may notice that some functions are defined by all the

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Domain and Range of a Function

In this high school math video, the path or range of two functions is calculated. The path or range of a function