Find the volume of triangular prism

Multiply the triangular area times the height of the prism to find the volume. Now that you have all the parts of the equation, multiply the area by the

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Triangular Prism Area and Volume Calculator

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Volume of a Triangular Prism

Formula for the volume of a triangular prism - The formula for calculating the volume of a prism is always the same: Prism volume = Base area × Length - In this
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Calculating Triangular Prism Volume

The volume of a triangular prism is equal to the area of the base multiplied by the height of the prism. The area of the base is equal to the area of a triangle.

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The volume of a triangular prism is the product of the area of the equilateral triangle of one of its bases times the height (h). The regular triangular prism is a

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